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Maurice Baker
workshop coordinator


Drums Over Africa

Children's musical drama suitable for upper KS1 or KS2. Percussion instruments, masks, costumes and props may be made and used to help tell the story of a journey across Africa meeting animals in various situations. Awareness of environmental issues may be raised as well as human and animal rights.

Workshop cost: £95 per session or £175 per day + expenses (travel beyond 20 miles plus additional materials).

These prices subject to negotiation.

Contact us to arrange workshops and to discuss your requirements.

Illustrated book and CD: £4.99 + £1 p&p.

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To listen to an extract from the accompanying CD click the player button below.

CD Extracts
Play 1. The Talking Drum
Incorporates drum patterns to send messages
Play 2. Crocodile Crocodile
Fun song using mime to illustrate dramatic actions
Play 3. Drums Over Africa
A range of percussion instruments help tell the story