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Maurice Baker
workshop coordinator


Busy Bees

A mixed bag of traditional and original songs for early years children. Opportunities for fun learning through musical games, action rhymes, finger plays, simple dance and drama, etc.

The accompanying booklet is less detailed than other Song Tales editions - hence the lower price - but still includes all lyrics and notes on possible activities for teachers and parents.

The lyric sheet is photo-copiable and the pack includes an audio CD of 21 songs.

Workshop cost: £95 per session or £175 per day + expenses (travel beyond 20 miles plus additional materials). These prices subject to negotiation.

Contact us to arrange workshops and to discuss your requirements.

Illustrated book and CD: £3.99 + £1 p&p.

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To listen to an extract from the accompanying CD click the player button below.

CD Extracts

Play 1. Open The Box
Finger play song
Play 2. Busy Bees
Counting action song
Play 3. I Went To The Station
Days of the week learning song