Music Workshops for Children

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Maurice Baker
workshop coordinator



01. Animal Olympics - theme based songs

02. The Clumsy Giant -
active learning songs

03. Crazy Creatures - theme based songs

04. Smile Like A Dolphin - narrative with songs, drama and shadow puppets

05. Busy Bees
- learning songs

Drums Over Africa - narrative with songs, drama percussion and masks

07. Little Monsters - original fun songs about monsters, aliens and animals

08. Kids In Space - narrative with songs, drama and shadow puppets

09. Badlands Ballads - songs and stories about outlaws and other desperados past and present

10. Shadows On The Wall - interactive narrative with songs, percussion and musical games

11. Song Writing - children use language and music skills to compose songs and also develop simple accompaniments

12. Sing & Dance - lively sing-along songs to encourage movement and dance.

(CD and book of original lyrics and activities are available to purchase for workshops 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 - others on request)

  • For small children aged between 3 - 9
  • Small or large groups
  • Flexible programmes around a given theme
  • One-off performance - or series
  • Practical work (art and craft) may be included
  • Wide range of percussion provided
  • Use of own percussion also encouraged

Maurice is an experienced teacher and musician who has worked with young people for many years in schools and other venues around the UK. After some years as a class teacher and music co-ordinator he established Sunshine Express, a peripatetic group of musicians offering workshops and peformances. He has also run puppet workshops for children with special needs and written material for BBC radio schools broadcasts. In recent years he has widened his experience teaching a range of subjects to children up to GCSE level. Maurice has written hundreds of songs, musicals, stories and drama productions mostly for young people. He also performs regularly in folk clubs.

As a full-time, and now part-time, employee of Gateshead Council for over twelve years all CRB checks have been completed regularly and are up-to-date.


Workshops can be arranged on a one-off basis or run as a series. Several groups can be taken in a school or other venue throughout the day.

Price guide

£95 per session or £175 per day + expenses (travel beyond 20 miles plus additional materials).

Materials Provided

  1. CD of songs, lyric sheets and notes etc (selected workshops only)
  2. Pupil worksheets and/or synopsis of narrative, and/or dramatic script
  3. Teacher's notes including planning guide and NC references
  4. A selection of musical instruments, puppets and other props

Songs And Music

Each workshop is linked by a theme or narrative which can be developed progressively if they are to run over several sessions. Song and music taught can also be extended depending on time available. Musical arrangements for piano and recorder, may be obtained if required.

Design And Technology / Artwork

Most workshops continuing over several sessions will involve a hands-on activity leading to a final body of work or performance. This may be, for example, the making of shadow puppets, masks, articulated figures, costumes, props, models from recycled materials or constructing a group collage, etc.

Materials And Equipment

Various musical instruments will be introduced, including some unusual ones, but schools should provide a reasonable selection of their own if possible. Art/craft tools and all consumables should also be made available, except where arranged. An OHP would be useful.


All children will be encouraged to sing and learn new songs, use the instruments in an enjoyable but controlled manner, read and respond to printed information, and design and make relevant products. Development could lead to written work (or other means of recording) and performances for an audience.

National Curriculum

Each workshop will be accompanied by lesson plans indicating programmes of study covered and showing links to other relevant areas of the curriculum. Most will concentrate on music (performing, composing, listening and appraising), English (speaking and listening, reading and writing, Design and Technology (designing, making and knowledge of materials) but may also include elements of art, humanities, RE etc., where relevant.