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Maurice Baker
workshop coordinator


Personal Details

1968 - 1971 Performed as folk musician and ran clubs.

1971 - 1975 Trained as teacher at Whitelands College of Education. Gained Cert Ed (Distinction) and B.Ed (Hons).

1975 - 1977 Primary Teacher at Falconbrook Infants School, Battersea, London. During this time began writing children's songs and stories, etc.

1977 - 1982 Primary teacher at St Christopher's School, Norwich. Wrote and directed many musical and other pieces for young people as well as continuing to write songs and perform in folk clubs.

1982 - 1987 Musician and creative director, Sunshine Express, a peripatetic music group based in London. During this time composed and produced recordings for sale to the public and at venues. Also had some compositions used by BBC Radio broadcasts.

1987 - 1990 Musician and puppet workshop assistant director for The Polka Children's Theatre, Wimbledon. Mostly working with groups of young people with learning difficulties and physical disabilities.

1990 - 1996 Primary teacher (music co-ordinator) at Culworth School Northamptonshire. Composed and directed many musical plays and other events with wide range of children of all abilities.

1996 - 2012 Special Education teacher of Music, Science, D&T, etc, at The Cedars Sports College, Gateshead.

2012 - present Freelance music workshop co-ordinator, songwriter and author.

Music Workshops and Publishing

  • Performed in, and ran, folk clubs during Sixties and Seventies.
  • Trained as teacher, 1971-1975 (B.Ed. London ).
  • Primary School teacher, Battersea, 1975-1977. Then Norwich, 1977-1981.
  • Produced a wide range of songs, stories, plays etc. in above schools.
  • Formed Sunshine Express in 1982 with other musicians, to produce and perform music for children in schools, theatres, and other venues. An emphasis on audience participation developed where children use percussion instruments (often colourfully weird and wonderful), puppets and other props to help bring songs to life. This coupled with plenty of humour and narrative drama.
  • Wrote and recorded material on a wide range of subjects and for different situations, including BBC radio's The Song Tree.
  • Produced music for the Polka Children's Theatre in South London - mostly using puppets and helped run workshops for children with special needs.
  • Returned to full-time teaching as Music Co-ordinator in Northampton Primary School 1990 - 1995. Developed many musical productions and concerts etc.
  • Moved to Newcastle 1996 to work at Cedars Special School in Gateshead teaching D & T, Science and other subjects (to present day, 2012) whilst also continuing to produce music, plays and stories for children.
  • Produced Sunny Songs, CD/booklets, developed to include activities for teachers and parents which may accompany the songs.